Communist Manifesto as a best-seller

By | 2015-03-04

“Tuyên ngôn Cộng sản” đứng đầu danh sách bán chạy nhất của loạt sách kinh điển do nhà Penguin in lại.

Top 10 Penguin Little Black Classics
Communist-Manifesto1. The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
2. The Beautifull Cassandra, Jane Austen
3. The Tell-Tale Heart, Edgar Allan Poe
4. Aphorisms on Love and Hate, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
5. How Much Land Does a Man Need? Leo Tolstoy
6. The Great Fire of London, Samuel Pepys
7. Defence, Socrates
8. Circles of Hell, Dante
9. Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, Oscar Wilde
10. The Night is Darkening Round Me, Emily Brontë

(Nguồn: The Guardian, 4 Mar 2015.)

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